You’re a GEM!

I believe in you. ¬†Join me, Jarvis Emerald, on a journey of meeting the human spirit head on and interviewing our cities’ GEMS on a daily basis. One leads to the next, and we get to meet and know who they are and what they are doing. Somehow we will all find each other. Will this help us do it? Maybe so.

What is a GEM? It’s a leader of sorts; ¬†someone or some place that shows great character and hope for our society and world. This is someone who can be recognized for putting in the work it takes to be REAL, for the benefit of everyone and not just themselves.

The truth is, most everybody could really be a GEM. These posted daily, are the ones I have identified along with some of your suggestions. Every day I will be out in the city interviewing by capturing our story, maybe a short video, and snapping a picture with you and the emerald. My hope is that by bringing awareness to our efforts it will enhance the relationship and motivate us, the follower and I, to find further ways to inspire each other and work together as a community.