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Shazy – A Pure Heart

So I was heading to wards the LRT (Light Rail Transit), or Subway here in Edmonton, and I realized I didn’t have the change needed. I stopped this fellow walking by and asked him if the LRT ticket machine taked debit, as I couldn’t remember…maybe he knew. He Said, “well, if it doesn’t, I got it.” What a heart. It’s nice to see this in …

Emil Tiedemann Loves Edmonton

Meet Emil. He’s kind of well know around the city for loving Edmonton, honoring it in his regular blog www.iheartedmonton.org. We met each other a couple of years ago when I was getting to know the online side of Edmonton. I contacted him through twitter and the rest is history…in the making. It’s nice that we both share the idea of providing the “Good News” …

Meet Alynne

As my day progressed I decided to hang out in the City Center Mall and learn about a few things happening in the world. I met two extra special beings today, one of them was Alynne. Seems the topic was social issues and in particular, refugees. I have to be hush hush about the organization she was volunteering for, but let’s just say it was …

Nedljko at Churchill Square

Today was a special day for me. As I was testing out my new photography gear at Churchill Square, the city’s living room, trying for an artistic idea, a poem and a picture. Not more than 10 minutes into testing and capturing my piece, which I thought was a good concept, Nedljko appeared with a coffee in hand and a smile showing he was familiar …


  Chelsea and I met at an Awesome Edmonton Pitching night where we both pitched our ideas for bringing something awesome to Edmonton. Her idea, which I blogged, was a world record setting, simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at Grant MacEwan. It was a Hit!


  Donna was eager to engage about the great things our city has to offer. She services Edmonton by working at the Stanley A. Milner Edmonton Public Library. Thanks to Donna’s tip, I was able to take in the Run for the cure by CIBC.


  Claire and I met at Churchill Square where we played a round of ping pong while exchanging life stories, and then I watched her beat a Square local man at chess. Short but sweet meeting you Claire, what a treat. You’re a GEM!


  Carolyn is a member of the Committee of Awesome Edmonton who collectively votes monthly on an Awesome idea that is pitched to both them and an invited audience, that will receive $1000 to help make it come to reality.

Tim Querengesser

  Tim Querengesser is recognized as the founder of Way Find Yeg and a board member of @makeitYEG. We met at an Awesome Edmonton pitch party, and snapped a photo of him at Centennial Square while he was showing off his idea for better signage of Edmonton’s Area’s. You’re a GEM, Tim!