Emil Tiedemann Loves Edmonton

Meet Emil. He’s kind of well know around the city for loving Edmonton, honoring it in his regular blog www.iheartedmonton.org. We met each other a couple of years ago when I was getting to know the online side of Edmonton. I contacted him through twitter and the rest is history…in the making. It’s nice that we both share the idea of providing the “Good News” about our city. I can share you with you that Emil is at least to my knowledge taking Graphic Design, or is working in the field of it. He has a passion for photography as well as the city he was born and raised in. We met today to re-connect after me being in Sooke this last while, at one of the coolest cafe’s in Edmonton, Remedy. You’ll have to check it out if you get a chance. Emil, you are a Gem!

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  • Augusta Popovich

    What a wonderful connection. Enjoy. I look forward to coming to Edmonton to have a great experience.