Meet Alynne

As my day progressed I decided to hang out in the City Center Mall and learn about a few things happening in the world. I met two extra special beings today, one of them was Alynne. Seems the topic was social issues and in particular, refugees. I have to be hush hush about the organization she was volunteering for, but let’s just say it was a real spiritually uplifting and validating experience talking to with Alynne. Meeting with her really helped me identify the truth in the direction I have to take to be really free. That is selfless education about the truth about the situations going on today around us, and with us. It’s not easy to try and talk with others about the real issues and open yourself up to raw feelings. I’ll always remember she said, “sometimes I go home and beaten a bit thinking that I may re-evaluate my stance, but every personal meditation ALWAYS brings me back to the need for more LOVE.” A true spiritual warrior. Alynne, you helped me discover my missing piece; selfless promotion of the truth, on a real level. I loved that one of the things we shared in common was the ability to regenerate ourselves through DANCE! She love’s music and sound. Me too! This was nothing short of a meeting of souls today. Thanks for being a Gem, Alynne! See you again one day soon.

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