Nedljko at Churchill Square

Today was a special day for me. As I was testing out my new photography gear at Churchill Square, the city’s living room, trying for an artistic idea, a poem and a picture. Not more than 10 minutes into testing and capturing my piece, which I thought was a good concept, Nedljko appeared with a coffee in hand and a smile showing he was familiar with the equipment I was using. He couldn’t help himself. “Nice Camera,” he started off with. Well as it turn out Neljko, a 2001, I believe, was Yugoslavian refugee living here in Edmonton, and had been using a camera since a small boy. By the time we had finished talking about Camera’s, Life and Social issues, we were sure that this would not be the last time we would meet. He showed me some great tips about shutter speed and aperture settings that would have taken me weeks to figure out. Actually, I really loved how passionate he was about the art of photography. I look forward to meeting him again someday and see where I am at with my experience then. Here we go Edmonton. You’re a Gem Nedljko!

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