Shazy – A Pure Heart

So I was heading to wards the LRT (Light Rail Transit), or Subway here in Edmonton, and I realized I didn’t have the change needed. I stopped this fellow walking by and asked him if the LRT ticket machine taked debit, as I couldn’t remember…maybe he knew. He Said, “well, if it doesn’t, I got it.” What a heart. It’s nice to see this in our brother. Thanks Shazy. He and his brother were just on there way back from Churchill Square skating rink, which had too warm conditions today to use.Turns out Shazy is 4 yrs in Edmonton from Ethiopia, with his Mother and brothers. He’s going to Grant MacEwan school for his education and playes competitive soccer. Thanks for being a great human being Shazy, you’re a Gem!

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  • Augusta Popovich

    There are human angles .