Branden Bresson – Energy Facilitator

He can help you and the world. The truth is, you are also able. Branden can show you how. It wasn’t long after meeting this Gem of an individual that I could tell that he was as sensitive as a lightning rod is to a storm. His rosie cheeks told me that he had the balanced body energy of a zen master. Branden could be considered at least an energy facilitator. I booked him for a session of Energy alignment and was very impressed by his work. Years ago I would have been skeptical about this type of healing modality but I have had my share of energy experiences and have been educated on the nature of the process. The healer is really you, not the one giving the session. They just facilitate the energy already present and help you unblock and restructure it. Branden is very good at this, both through just speech, education and hands on. I encourage you to meet and talk with him and take a further step to healing yourself and the world.

You can find Branden at The Stick in the Mud Coffee House some days or at the Sooke Saturday Market selling his hand made crystal jewelry. Feel free to email him at You’re a Gem, Branden!