Cass Hepburn – Energy Worker

Magically delicious. One of the directions I am following is the health and wellness conscious shift that is happening. Since I have moved to Sooke, Cass and I have ran into each other over 25 times in places where it really became clear we were supposed to know each other. Our energies were aligned. Cass carries a very grounded and luscious kind of energy that is very welcome to where ever she goes, along with her little pal Jada (hope I spelled it right) and is dedicated to bringing her experience to others and helping us balance our energies…and just love ourselves. Her areas of practice are Reiki energy work to help re-align and break down barriers that you may have built around you and now she is into an area called Access Consciousness which is similar in nature. I hope you get the opportunity to meet her, learn, take a session or just share a smile with. You’re a Gem, Cass!