Dante Chicano – Green Man

He’s as grounded and the actual ground. They call him the Green Man, and for good reason. No he’s not green but he probably has green blood. Dante Chicano, or just “Dante”, has lived on a beach for a span of 10 years, and now has a family he is raising in a back woods style home close to the beach he lived on; Ella Beach. He has a strong affinity for nature and the idea of getting back to who you really are. How do you do that? You could just start by talking to Dante or take one of his “re-wilding” weekend retreats where he encourages you to work at fending for yourself and adding the play element to daily life. Nature is the focus, as you have to balance with it. Dante also has entered into the media side of things with his Hyper Local newspaper, the Sooke Scoop, written with the focus on the values he lives by, hoping to connect with those who either need to hear the message or resonate and want to support it. During the interview I spent time with Dante talking on the beach about life and Sooke, and even spent some time at his place up in a tree, in the middle of his re-wilding plot set up. I recommend you getting up in that tree one day with Him. Thanks Dante, you’re a GEM!

Find out more about Dante at www.SookeScoop.com