Katrina Kadoski – Musical Artist and Writer

Heartfelt and talented. Katrina’s first appearance in my life was at a chant night at the Blackfish Inn where she stepped in and shared her amazing gift with the group by playing a magical set on a string instrument (I forget the name). It wasn’t until I went to a special play put on at the Sooke Harbour House that I found out she was more than just a musician. I had to know more. She is a very gifted writer of both plays and music. Her efforts have allowed her the gifts of the universe to call upon her for some great projects from all around North America. Sooke is lucky to have someone like Katrina in its community. The most current piece Katrina wrote and is sharing with us is called Cougar Annie Tales, a musical tribute to a legendary pioneer woman where she is a one woman show. Let’s encourage Katrina along by celebrating her story and life, talent and gifts. Thanks for being a Gem, Katrina!

Take a look at Katrina’s Website www.katrinakadoski.com