Mary Alice Johnson of ALM Organic Farm

One of a Kind. As she pulled up to the farm for our meeting I sensed a strong connection. Mary Alice hopped out of the car and we immediately began telling our stories. My favorite part of her story is that after all of her life living in cities she just knew what she wanted to do as soon as she saw the farming area in Sooke. Taking the big first step and planting the seed was her advice and she is living proof that this really works. Many have been through ALM Farms in the last 26 years and been touched by the magic of growing. β€œAt first we just gathered all the seeds for next year, eventually learning that taking just the best seeds gave us the quality and control over our farms production leading us to learning and really understanding where we wanted to go with our farm.” ALM Farms produces certified organic, open pollinated, non GMO, Locally grown seeds for us to use. They can be found at the website I wanted to take the time to thank you Mary Alice for holding the standards you do and the care it takes to do this. You are definitely a GEM!

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