Michael Nyikes of Vienna Bakery and Cafe

Is this the Archangel, Michael? What an outstanding individual. Michael and I even came from the same province; Alberta…for similar reasons and not unlike a lot of other Sookites. I had picked Michael as a GEM originally from observing Little Vienna‘s popularity and seeing how he was with customers after a visit. Others in the community had verified that Michael was indeed a gem, and after meeting with him officially today, it has been verified. What a pleasure is was hearing about his story. Moving from Alberta, despite the success in careers he had already had along with Susan his wife, having enough of the cold weather, moved to Sooke to take over what is now the Vienna Bakery and Cafe…another GEM of a place. We are lucky to have a man with such talent, experience and vision among the residents here in Sooke. Please, if you haven’t introduce yourself and get to know Michael. Thanks for being today’s Daily GEM!

For more info about Little Vienna. call: (250) 642-6833