Dave Evans and The Stick in the Mud

What a pleasure meeting Dave Evans, owner of local coffee shop here in Sooke today. He was very welcoming and super friendly; a guy anyone would love to work for. This explains the great staff moral at the shop. I have been to this hangout or hub about 5 times now, and quickly identified it as a GEM of a place. After meeting ┬áDave, it’s no question why it is doing so well. It’s nice to see that the variety of people are from 8 months to 88 years old, which is rare, with a large variety of people from all backgrounds coming here.Go and grab a coffee and sit on the Stick’s beautifully designed patio or lounge in the cozy inside for a meet up. Dave’s expansion of creating a new addition called the “SpeedStick” shows that he has vision and is really listening to the customers. Thanks for being YOU Dave. You’re a GEM!

For more info visit www.stickinthemud.ca

or Call (250) 642-5635

Weekdays 6-5
Weekends 7:30-5
Closed Holidays

Location / address:

The Grand Trunk

Downtown Sooke on Eustace Rd.

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  • Denis

    Dave’s been that guy since he was a young’un at Ryerson. Affable and entertaining, my youth is dotted with thoughts of him making me laugh in more social situations than I can recount. He also said the single funniest thing I’ve ever heard about a band that was on Saturday Night Live. Famous band. A joke I think about 25 years later.

    There’s a great part of me that feels jealous of anybody who gets to visit this cafe in Sooke. Dave Evans is the kind of soul who’ll make your day better. Isn’t that what we go to tea and coffee shops for?

    • Jarvis Emerald

      What a great comment. Thanks Denis. I can appreciate what you’re saying, as this is what most people I have talked to say. I’ll have a cup of coffee tomorrow for you. Looking forward to seeing that winning grin of Dave’s, daily.

  • Britt Santowski

    Dave is a shining example of what many other employers should try to emulate. In an industry renowned for spinning doors, the staff at the Stick, stick. That, and the coffee is beyond excellent. A great little gem in Sooke!

    • Jarvis Emerald

      Thanks for sharing Britt. What a great reinforcement. I’ll have to look into what the Sooke Pocket news is.

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