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Wild by Nature. Well, maybe a little bit herself but Debb is really well prepared to handle this role as an educator of how to be living in harmony with the wild animal population. We met at a welcome to Sooke lunch event at the Community Gardens hosted by Phoebe Dunbar and crew, where Debb along with her partner Nitya Harris gave us the lo-down when it comes to understanding our responsibility to managing our waste properly to avoid encounters with our local Sooke Bears. She is passionate about helping us understand the reality, it’s usually our fault for the encounters. Debb is also a strong advocate for the animals, none of them should have to be put down, they’re just doing what animals do. We are very lucky to have a woman like you in our community Debb! On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed our pre-taping discussion where we really shared some good real life stories. I look forward to be seeing much more of you Debb. Thanks, you’re a Gem!

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    September 4, 2015 - 1:31 am