Diane Bernard of Seaflora

Wise and experienced, rich as the seaweed is in nutrients. What an interesting way to make a living, being know as the Sooke “Seaweed Lady”. Diane Bernard is the co-owner of Seaflora, a completely ecologically sound and sustainable operation that produces health and beauty products for the public by using that green stuff we all know so well that appears on the rocks at low tide. The seaweed is hand collected and added is a secret recipe of very natural food product based ingredients that keeps the carbon content out of the equation. Diane has a variety of experience in the community including being a pretty sound environmentalist, that combined with her wisdom and great attitude for being adventurous allows her the ease of being a successful business owner. Thanks for being a Gem, Diane!

To learn more about Diane or Seaflora, visit www.sea-flora.com

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  • Heather Cochrane

    Diane is an amazing woman – great interview. Proud to use her product line in my local spa.

    • Jarvis Emerald

      Thanks for the shout out’ Diane IS great. Love the product too, use it daily now.