Eric Shelkey of Kemp Lake Music Cafe

A shining soul and spirit. It takes a lot to build a solid community up in a place, especially where not much traffic flows. Thanks to the efforts of Eric Shelke here in Otter Point, just west of Sooke, at a local community store, for the last 4 years exists a growing number of regulars to the place. Sunday’s at 1pm-5pm is the main show where everyone is encouraged to participate at the open mic, drawing folk from all across the island. During the week, Eric provides the space for music lessons and offers music supplies along with running a full kitchen and store. It’s really a great job Eric has done to make this place a real community hub. Big thanks to you Eric. You’re a GEM!

Please Join Eric and the community on their Facebook Page.

7875 West Coast Rd, Sooke
(250) 642-7875

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  • Krista

    It’s spelt Shelkey 😉

    • Jarvis Emerald

      oh boy! Thanks Krista. I looked it up online and that is how it was spellled. I’ll change the title. He didn’t say anything to me when I was there today, so either he didn’t remember or didn’t notice.