Fredwin Perry – Rock Carving – Artist

Humble as an earthworm. I know this is a unusual use of words for promoting somebody’s character, but I believe that Fredwin would approve and understand it’s beautiful significance. Right Fredwin? This is a man of many stories and depth, yet an obvious simplicity as the medium he uses to create his art. Quite fitting actually. I originally met Fredwin through our friend Gunatita who introduced me to him at the Night Market at the museum. It was there I heard the stories that opened me to be drawn to the innocent nature of Fredwin. He carved rocks. Rocks found at the beach right here on the shores of Sooke. Yet his gentle soul was nothing like the character of a rock. Come to think of it, after hearing about the beauty of how some of the rocks are formed and the mixtures of stone found within them, maybe he is like an amazing rock. Formed from the volcanic pressures of time and including a treasure of hidden secrets within, then carved to reveal the story it calls to bear. Yes, that’s Fredwin. I encourage you to call, meet and talk with him…maybe even purchase a uniquely carved stone that calls to you. Thanks for being YOU. You’re a GEM, Fredwin!

Call about some work (250) 658-0750

Or visit the Night Market every Thursday 5-8pm at the museum. He’ll be there.

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