Lisa McCormack – Theater Artist

A Tender Heart. Lisa and I found each other at our favorite hang out, The Stick in The Mud Coffee House, and we share a sense of change that is shifting around us, specifically Sooke. Actors are a unique bunch that usually feel more than others and they take on powerful roles to show us the true nature of the soul to help us relate and deal with it. Lisa is a fantastic human being who is helping this shift along by just recognizing it and ready to move with it through acting, community chats and relating to others by being just like one of us. She’s an individual and a single mom that cares for her children’s future and would like to see the love in the world shine through as a light more often helping us breath back to health. Lisa volunteers her time to the community at every chance she gets and really embraces the spirit of sharing, recognizing the true abundance that is available to us if we just shift our priorities. We are now together on this Lisa. Thanks for being a Gem!

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