Lorien Arnold of Sooke Mountain Cycle

Free flowing passion. 12 years is a good amount of time to be running a business, and one guy that’s doing it with real passion is today’s Gem, Lorien Arnold. Boy, did we have a good talk today about cycling. I love speaking to people who are really passionate about their understanding and how it can really impact the way we live, for the better. Meeting with Lorien has given me a bit of inspiration refrain from using my car so much and think about riding instead. If you didn’t know about Sooke Mountain Cycle, it’s on Anna Marie Road just a bit off Sooke Road, and worth checking into. Thanks for being a Gem, Lorien!

Give Lorien a Call: (250) 642-3123
2075 Anna Marie Rd, Sooke

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    November 21, 2015 - 5:59 pm