Norman Ensil – Sausage and Karate

A Genuine Giant. I love how just about everybody in Sooke you meet is contributing or want to contribute to the town. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to meet Norman a the Stick In The Mud Coffee House while he was serving his home made sausages via his portable trailer. I picked up on his accent and he let me know he was originally from South Africa and had moved to Sooke 3 years ago. Now, I finally got the full story. We met at the Sunriver Community Garden to interview and, being his first time there, he was thoroughly impressed with it. Yes it’s like the Garden of Eden, in Sooke. Later on I went to one of his Karate classes he teaches 4 times a week on West Coast Rd. and introduced me to his class. It was an honor to get a group salute, Thanks Norman. He is quite qualified with 2nd place at a World Championship in USA in 2012…I saw the trophy. Along with his Karate passion he has one for cooking also, thus his home made sausages that are super delicious. You can find him for sure at the Thursday Night Market serving them. Thanks for giving your self to our community and taking the time to share. You’re a Gem Norman!

Visit his Shukokai Karate Studio at 6705 West Coast Rd. or Call (250)642-4631

For Cape Links and Coils Sausages Call (250)480-8344

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