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Holding a Loving Space for All. This particular DUO, I have never encountered such as the “PALU” in my life, before. And that I of course mean in a Gooooood Way. I would even say in a God way. These Love-atarians have created their lives around the truth about “Self-Love” and hold a space for all who enter their presence to have the opportunity to be their authentic self. It was written that the love of God resides in our self and Love for our neighbor. Turns out that the PALU and I ARE actually neighbors, sharing the same ocean view only a couple of hundred feet away from each other. Since meeting these Gems I have had more hugs, enlightened moments, beautiful relationships form and have eaten the best chocolate known to man. Within their presence you know you will be well taken care of, never judged and leave feeling better than you came. Did I mention that they have Magnetic resonance beds and Amethyst beds you can lie down on and feel super recharged?…a magical component of this healing home.

Temple Home is a Vegan based, restructured water happenin’ establishment. It was a blessed process coming into the idea of opening their home open to the community to share in. I have now been to a few of the beautifully hosted couch events including consciously talented musical artists and even a Cacao Ceremony with my Mom in attendance. What a great bonding experience that was! Paisley has his official CD Release party at the Temple Home on the 21st if you’d like to join us. I offer my sincere blessings on the Temple Home to continue to blossom. Thanks for being Gems, Paisley and Lulu…Love Rose!

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    October 30, 2015 - 5:41 pm
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