Phil Rossner

You can see the Aum in his eyes. The first time I met Phil was in a Kundalini yoga class when I first arrived in Sooke. We were the only 2 guys. In fact we remain to be the only 2 guys at the noon class. I found out very quickly that Phil was plugged into the town and practice of meditation and music. He told me he ran the Friday Chant Group, where Yes, I have taken it in…it is magic. Also I have participated and witnessed Phil leading an amazing musical chant group at the Blackfish Inn during a yoga retreat a couple of weeks back; just him and his guitar, sometimes a balalaika, along with an accompanied drummer on occasion. Phil is a student and participant in the yogic traditions along with his musical talents in meditation. I believe he used to be a rock and roller years ago, and still incorporates the uplifting energy to all he plays for. Thanks for being a great student and helping us learn to just be. You’re a GEM Phil!

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