Rusty Sage – Master Woodworker

He has a heart as warm as wood. Finally, we got to interview Rusty. After many encounters at The Stick in the Mud Coffee House and really getting to know each other, I feel as if we are becoming close as family. Dave Evans, owner of the Stick was the one who nominated Rusty way back when I got into Sooke. Having lived here for about 34 years now, Rusty’s pieces are all around Sooke including his first big connection and start here at the Sooke Harbour House. Just about everybody who is involved with the town knows Rusty or of his work and no suprise why. He cares not only about wood and design but also about life and people, being versed in homeopathy and health related cures also. We need a guy like this and many more like him in Sooke. Visiting his workshop was a pleasure and being welcomed into his amazing cedar built house was so nice. Thanks for being a Gem Rusty!

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  • Anne Boquist

    Hi, I just love listening to all your daily gems – love to hear the stories of people you’ve known for years,but you never knew THAT about them. Anyway. And I realize my age is showing, but I find the accompanying music really distracting I try to tune it out but am not successful. Keep up the good work

    • Jarvis Emerald

      Hi Anne. Thanks for the support. It’s nice to hear from someone here…not too many comments online. Sorry to hear about the music being too BIG on the videos. Tell you what, I’ll up the sound on the interview part and decrease the music to a level that may work better. Thanks for the suggestion. You’re a Gem 🙂