Tom Kral – Nature’s Chef

Responding to the call of nature. I Love the new breed of attitudes emerging from our generation. Actually, not long ago this was just the way of doing things, no questions asked; somewhere it just got lost. Tom is a wonderful example for others to follow when it comes to working with the real appreciation for food. We are all sacred beings, and so is our food. It’s necessary to pay attention to where it came from and how it’s handled. After reconnecting with this conscious remembrance of our roots there was no going back for Tom. Being just set up in Sooke for a year he has steady plans to evolve his and our experience with how we see food also. Tom and Dante partner to bring us re-wilding gatherings called Green Man Adventures at their place to show how to reconnect with nature as a way to engage the community. A plan to set up a 20 foot Tee Pee for a dining area on the property is in the plan also really allowing for the full experience of nature. I’ll be taking that in, for sure! I encourage you to support Tom by giving him a call and meeting with him, book him for a catering event or attend a workshop he holds at his place in the woods out by Ella Beach. It all feels natural. Thanks Tom, you’re a Gem!

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