Announcing a Collaboration of Sooke Pocket News with Daily GEM

Good News. It’s been about a week since this happened but I wanted to make a special post announcing the collaboration of the hyper local news site the Sooke Pocket News by Britt Santowski and Daily GEM.

As Britt mentioned in her announcement, we did scope each other online and I knew based on her excellent efforts to bring Sooke the news it needs, it was just a matter of time before we met. The plan is to bring you, the reader the kind of media coverage in a way you cannot get anywhere else. Britt and I share this passion for you and the community of Sooke. We both believe that by collaborating and not by competing, we can grow something very organic that will produce the fruit and seeds that will represent our community of Sooke and it’s magic, best.

We both are open to comments and suggestions for further improvements to bring you what you need. Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Enjoy your day and thank YOU for being a GEM!


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