Susan Christie – Healing Crafts

One of a Kind, like so many of us. Its what I like to recognize in Susan. She is bringing her unique creations that come to her from a place of deep simplicity. It’s a part of her that happens to resonate with others. As I walked passed her table I couldn’t help noticing the books that were on it and really was drawn to the intricate thought put into these “spaces” for people to put their special thoughts, memories or recipes. Each one was different yet had the same essence to it. That was Susan. We got talking and she mentioned her husband is in the Navy and she was looking for something to do while he was gone. As a sensitive, she enjoyed working with natural elements and textures that would work well together. I love what she’s come up with. When you get a chance to go to the Metchosin Market on Sunday’s, stop by and say hello. The books are extremely well priced anywhere from $10-$30 which I believe are worth more. Just refer a friend and support her creations should be well enough. Thanks for being a Gem Susan!

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  • Augusta Popovich

    It was a pleasure meeting up with Susan. I had purchased a special tube crystal, for great intentions.When i picked it up I got chills,and speaking with Susan joyful tears come to me. Thank you Susan. You’re a Gem. Augusta P.