Jacquetta Nisbet – Master Weaver

Really in tune with what is. We had a great chat about life in East Sooke today, really connecting on some deep yet simplistic insights. When Jaquetta showed me around the studio, by seeing her creations, I could tell that there was a lot of unspoken wisdom that had been gained from her patient art form. It was obvious that weaving fabric touches the very core of what we are, giving us insight to how things really are, only revealed by actually doing the weaving. I believe that this art form would be a great for everyone to learn. Jacquetta absolutely captured my heart with her youthful spirit and ancient style wisdom. She’s not afraid to travel the continent by tenting and just being comfortable with herself and what comes her way. The kind of connected self attitude that many could use more of these days. You can find Jacquetta participating with the T’Sou-ke Nation band, I believe, at her studio in East Sooke and does teach her art to students at times. Hopefully you get to honor to meet Jacquetta in person and be touched by her as I was. You’re a Gem, Jacquetta!

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